Blood, Ash, and Iron

Flying Catastrophe

The players were sent on a one-way mission to quell a mutiny on Ashlund’s most advanced navel ship. The were sent through an experimental teleport system, carrying with them an unstable crystal that could work to bring them back.
They arrived in an abandoned storage compartment, with Max unconscious, and the others beaten up. The encountered an injured crewman, who then attacked them with no apparent intelligence. as they continued up through the ship, they encountered strange beasts with extremely fast movement and large tentacle-like hands in the engine room.
Continuing up to the brig, they found some of the ship’s crew in a trance, and were unable to wake them. They then encountered a strange, tall, thin creature with amphibious skin and four large tentacles protruding from it’s face. It easily beat them with a series of mental attacks, and they woke up in the brig. However, one of the soldiers had woken up, and said that he believes the creature to be an Illithid, a horrifying monster from children’s stories and legends in the north.
They continued up farther, but upon looking out the first window they could find, they discovered that the entire boat had been converted into a massive flying warship, and it was heading strait for the capitol.
The crew decides to retreat to the cargo hold, and plot to destroy the ship, but as they are debating what to do, the Illithid appears, causing a large fight, after which it steals one of the party in a flash of light. Not knowing where Joe has gone, the others race to use the explosives to destroy the main boiler, then escape using the crystal.
Before they can do this, however, the Illitid reappears with Joe grappling it into submission. The shock of reappearance breaks Joe’s hold, and it flies out to the middle of the room. After several round of combat, it disappears and reappears with Max, then vanishes in the same manner. Rusing to finish the job, the team blows open the wall between the cargo bay and the boiler room, only to find that the Illithid has reappeared there in anticipation of their plan. It knocks Eribus out, but Legolas manages to stick the explosives on the boiler. At this, the Illithid takes control of Max, and he swings at the boiler, setting off the explosives and begining the destructive chain reaction that will cause the ship to explode. Max is knocked out and dragged into the circle with everyone else.
Right at the ship is about to hit ground, Joe bolts out, takes the Illithid’s coat, and sticks the last explosive to it’s head. As it dies, it screams “You are no match for our lord! The Iron City will enslave all!”
The group appears in the circle in the castle, and see that the ship is crashing into the harbor, with the rest of it’s original crew spilling out as undead that are being fought off by the city guard.

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